8 Chic Office Spaces for Every Style

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Last year we moved from Denmark to the US and I set up a little studio in our two-bedroom apartment where I could work. Slowly, I’ve started to realize my needs and what I want to get out of my space. As it is, my workspace does nothing visually; it just gets the job done. This year, I officially resolve to create an inspiring space to work in, because there’s nothing like beauty to inspire a dull mind, right? I’ve collected some of my favorite workspaces to show that any style can create a beautiful work area.

8 Chic Office Spaces for Every Style on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Maple & Magnolia (2) Apartment Therapy (3) Abduzeedo (4) Erica Weiner

  1. Rustic. If you’re more of the rustic sort, use beautiful raw woods for your surfaces and furniture. There’s nothing like the patina of an old object to bring in warmth and liveliness.
  2. Eclectic. This space is beautiful with its exposed brick and sophisticated chandelier. It’s industrial meets glamorous meets minimalist.
  3. Industrial. Now, large windows like this could make any room stand out, but pair it with simple furniture and its understated beauty shines.
  4. Romantic. The daydreamer in all of us wishes for a getaway outside, no? This beautiful cottage studio is for those dreamers.

8 Chic Office Spaces for Every Style on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) UrbanWalls (6) Dos Marias (7) The Klein (8) The designBLEND

  1. Glamorous. Nothing says fancy more than gold and boy is it in right now. Use a gold desk lamp with some vinyl circle stickers to create your inspiring desk.
  2. Bohemian. A bit rustic, fanciful, whimsical, and grounded, this look is for those who love to show and tell their beautiful collections.
  3. Scandinavian. Scandinavian style is clean, minimal with well-designed furniture and a touch of color.
  4. Pastel. This pastel office space is pure candy. Achieve it by painting the furniture various shades of pastels.

What’s your favorite style for an office space? Do tell!

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