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Image: Cozy Little Cave

We think about what color to paint our walls. We’re happy with our hardwood floors, polished concrete, or gorgeous tile, and when we don’t luck into those things with a home, we dream about adding them. Some of us will consider wallpapering a room, or just an accent wall. But how many of us do something interesting with the ceiling of a room?

Amazing Ceilings to Look Up ToImage: Domino

I’ve noticed quite a few nurseries and kids’ rooms with striped ceilings over the years. It’s the kind of thing you might see and file away as a cute idea for some day, but seeing them all together really cements what a fun look it is!

Amazing Ceilings to Look Up ToImage: Elizabeth Sullivan Design

It’s whimsical and fun, and definitely well-suited to children’s spaces. I could see stripes working well in other rooms too, like maybe a little powder room, or a laundry or mud-room in need of some pep.

Amazing Ceilings to Look Up ToImage: The Washington Post

If stripes aren’t your thing, perhaps some geometrics may catch your eye?

Amazing Ceilings to Look Up ToImage:

Triangles and stars both make fantastic repeating patterns as well. (I can’t wait to add a starry sky to my daughter’s room.)

Amazing Ceilings to Look Up ToImage: Lonny

So, let’s resolve to add a little of the unexpected into our homes this year!

Have you ever done anything different to your ceilings, or do you stick with plain white?


  1. Can you credit the donkey and triangle ceiling to Babiekins magazine please !

  2. Can you please credit the picture with the triangles and donkey to Babiekins Magazine? 🙂

    Thank you!

  3. These are great patterns for ceilings! And don’t forget, you can use wallpaper on ceilings, too. We can print any pattern you can think up at!

  4. LOVE all of them. Now if only I could get someone else to do the painting…

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