Inspired by Punk: 3 Rooms with Edge

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Last month, I had an AMAZING experience viewing the much-talked-about punk fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Titled “Punk: From Chaos to Couture,” the exhibit tells the story of punk’s influence through a multi-media labyrinth of high fashion, sound, and imagery. Upon emerging on the other side, I couldn’t help but feel a little anti-status quo. The punk movement had taken at least a small foothold.

Rooms with Edge
Image: Metropolitan Museum of Art

My visit to the Met underscored how our surroundings can deeply influence our mood and attitudes; and, frankly, sometimes we want to feel a little outside the norm—unconventional, self-assured, and completely unapologetic. Here are three edgy rooms that are up to task:

Luxe Anti-Establishment

Punk Decor
Images: Ryan Korban

This living room by Ryan Korban is perhaps the most literal translation of the punk aesthetic. With exposed piping and graffiti-esque artwork, including spray-painted skulls, this space is full of attitude. In addition, the designer also incorporates luxe accessories like a fur throw and zebra print rug.

Rock N’ Roll Chic

Statement Room
Images: Veranda

Not punk, yet just as edgy, this room by Catherine Kwong was inspired by the rock n’ roll lifestyle of Mick and Bianca Jagger. The space has traditional appeal, thanks to the fireplace and original plasterwork, but touches like the studded barn door, abstract photography, and hand-painted floor scream rebel.

Bold, Brash, and Beautiful

Textured Wall
Images: (Top) Architectural Digest, (Bottom Left and Right) Kelly Wearstler

This family room by Kelly Wearstler is all about bold statements. She covered the walls in pyramid studded panels, the floor in a bright color-splashed rug, and the sofa in magenta tiger print! As with any edgy space, there’s also a bit of leather for good measure.

Get the look

Feeling inspired? The easiest way to add edge to a space is through art and accessories. Studded objects are becoming increasingly popular and are completely in line with the punk look. Also, try patterns and artwork that resemble graffiti or edgy photography to achieve the desired effect. And, last but not least, skulls are perhaps the most surefire way to give a room attitude!

What’s your take on edgy décor?

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