A 100-Year-Old Warehouse Turned Contemporary Apartment

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Meet Tara, Ryan and their son, Wyatt. Before Wyatt was born, the couple purchased a former silk importer warehouse and decided to make it their home. The couple fell in love with the exposed brick walls, high tin ceilings and cast-iron Corinthian columns. Once they found out they'd be adding a new member to their family, they knew it was time for a dramatic home makeover. They posted their project on Sweeten and found the perfect contractor for their project.

The brick along the living room wall was re-exposed, giving the space an industrial, raw feel.  White glossy cabinetry makes the room contemporary and chic. Opposite the feature wall in the living room, which was made using reclaimed bar siding, sits a desk for musical inspiration--a passion that Ryan hopes Wyatt will inherit some day.

Tara and Ryan kept the same layout for their kitchen. They pushed the kitchen island outward by a foot which helped to open up the space and improve the ergonomics. An induction cooktop was installed on top of the Pure White kitchen island. Minimalist light pendants of varying heights add dimension and personality to the all-white kitchen. Not pictured: the 18” wine fridge in the island, which will come in handy after Wyatt’s bedtime!

Pure White

The washer-dryer combo unit was rotated 180 degrees so that the laundry door was next to the bathroom instead of the kitchen--which had previously disrupted traffic flow.

The couple had to think creatively to work around a column near the master bedroom. They used pocket doors to maximize their floor space and create room for a wall-sized, reach-in modular custom closet.

Additionally, space from the living room was taken to create a second bedroom for Wyatt. Tara and Ryan kept with the elegant design and chose to include a few bright and clean photographs to bring warmth to Wyatt’s room.

New, white oak hardwood floors replaced the worn-down bamboo tiles, which keeps the space feeling open and bright.

“One tip we want to pass on to future renovators is, if possible, rent a place close by so you can check in a few times a week,” say Tara and Ryan. “We did and were able to do weekly (sometimes multiple times per week) walk-throughs with our contractor. That gave us time to plan, troubleshoot and exchange creative ideas.”

There you have it: a former warehouse transformed into a newly renovated home for this family of three. We hope Wyatt inherits his parents home renovation skills as well!

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