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After nearly two years of arduous searching, Marsha and Adam found the perfect townhouse for their family of four. Marsha, the CFO of a division at Siemens, and Adam, a manager of software development at Spotify, knew that their brick two-family home needed a lot of work, but they had a great feeling about it. Just over 2,000 square feet on three floors, the townhouse was “sunny, just the right size and of course, within our budget,” says Marsha.

Marsha, Adam and their two daughters, Sophie and Mila, moved into the new space pre-renovation in the summer of 2015, which is when they decided to post their project to Sweeten. They were matched with a Sweeten architect who helped them plan out the layout of their new home. While the construction ensued, the family moved into a garden apartment—where they would stay for the next six months until the upstairs duplex was completed.

After many hours spent scouring Pinterest, Marsha and Adam decided on an all-white color palette with a modern vibe. The entire design of the home was inspired by the simplicity of the new white oak floors that they had installed. The walls between the living room, dining space and kitchen were knocked down in order to create a connective open-space layout. A window was added to the rear wall in the kitchen and a non-functioning fireplace was removed.

Pure White quartz adorns the L-shaped countertops and kitchen island in the Mid-century modern home.  With two young daughters and a busy lifestyle, you better believe that Marsha and Adam made sure to include ample room for a kitchen pantry. White Shaker-style cabinets reach up to the ceiling to provide extra storage and hide appliances from view.

Don’t let the all-white kitchen fool you—it still has plenty of personality. From the eclectic pendant lights hanging above the island to the marble hex-tile backsplash, this design is anything but basic.

1141 Pure White

The living room features large, expansive windows to let the sunshine in while the family enjoys their new home. Fresh greenery brings life to the room and makes the space more welcoming.

Let’s venture up the newly installed white-oak staircase, shall we? 

While white, modern and clean is a beautiful look, it isn’t every little girl’s dream design for her bedroom. For this reason, Sophie and Mila’s rooms were given bright accent walls of pink and turquoise. This keeps the rooms looking young and lively without being overwhelming to the eye.

A washer/dryer closet was created on the top floor so that no one would have to “schlep laundry up and down the stairs,” Marsha says.

Lifehack: install soundproofing in the bathroom so that you don’t hear any kids tiptoeing or humming in the middle of the night. Their Sweeten architect told the couple they would appreciate this feature, and she was right!

All in all, the family is overjoyed with their new home. A few years and many designing brainstorm sessions later, Marsha, Adam, Sophie and Mila have a beautiful townhouse to relax in and enjoy.

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