How to Use Metro Shelves to Organize Your Home

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I am a huge proponent of that old epigram, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” which is my way of saying I’m an organization freak. And, while I sometimes fail in my attempts to keep “everything in its place,” I’m never daunted. I’m always looking for better systems, better tools, and better things to keep my stuff in or on. One of my secret weapons for organizing is the sturdy and versatile Metro Shelving system. I have four of varying sizes and configurations, and can’t imagine living without them.

In the Kitchen

Metro Shelving was originally designed and used for professional kitchens and commercial storage, and it’s easy to see why. Chrome-plated steel construction means these units are durable and can hold more than their fair share of weight. Use them in the kitchen to store or display everything from pots and pans to fine tableware.

How to Use Metro Shelves to Organize Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Jeffrey Hirsch for New York Social Diary

In the Bedroom

Need extra storage in the bedroom? Metro Shelving could be the right answer for you. It’s also a great solution for making any sized closet work harder for you. Use as many shelves as you need, and add a bar or two for hanging items.

How to Use Metro Shelves to Organize Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Remodelista

In the Living Room

Metro Shelving can be just the thing for display and storage in your living room or family room. In a smaller home this kind of set up placed near the front door could serve as the family “landing strip”—that place to keep the keys, phones, shopping bags and all the other items you use everyday.

How to Use Metro Shelves to Organize Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Desire to Inspire

In the Office

As I write this, I have a large Metro Shelving unit behind me in my home office. It contains everything I need to keep at an arm’s reach, since my desk has no drawers. It’s filled with boxes, trays, and other containers of office goodies; namely books, electronics, family photos, trays of papers… you get the idea. Anything and everything you need to keep in its place can have a home on these use-anywhere shelves.

How do you use your Metro Shelving?

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