From Street Style to Interior Style: Tailored, Neutrals, & Marigold

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Model and stylist Kady Taylor provides yet another opportunity to translate everyday style into design elements for the home. Here she is photographed on the streets of Berlin wearing a chic ensemble by Dorothee Schumacher – a tailored jacket, patterned blouse, marigold slacks, and gray tote. The look is refined, comfortable and timeless, making it a perfect candidate for interior design inspiration!

Neutral Background
Image: Kady by Helmut Fricke

A neutral backdrop sets the stage

Tailored Neutrals Golden Yellow
Image: Steven Gambrel

Like Kady’s jacket and bag, a cool gray (Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore to be exact) serves as a neutral backdrop for our inspiration room by designer Steven Gambrel. The color reflects natural light, thus brightening the space, while adding to its sophistication. Although the tone-on-tone pattern of Kady’s jacket is much more subtle, the custom rug adds similar movement and visual interest without introducing color.

One bold color for impact

Tailored Neutral
Image: Steven Gambrel

Of course, Kady’s pants are the focal point of her outfit. Their bright color and light sheen make a statement without being garish or too over-the-top. Steven Gambrel uses the same approach for our inspiration room. Marigold, or amber, can be found throughout via a gorgeous, tufted sofa and floor-to-ceiling, taffeta curtains. Aside from the bluish hues of abstract artwork, warm yellow is undoubtedly the color star of the room.

Keep it tailored but comfy

Tailored Neutral Living Room
Image: Steven Gambrel

Though Kady’s pants are a bit slouchy, the overall look is well-tailored with a masculine edge. Steven Gambrel’s furniture choices offer an equally unfussy addition to this family room. Streamlined and modern, they include club chairs by Dune and sofas designed by Gambrel himself. Despite all of this tailoring, the room remains comfortable thanks to deep seats and ample cushions.

Black to accentuate

Tailored Neutral Golden Yellow
Image: Steven Gambrel

A black trim and belt provide the perfect finishing touch to Kady’s jacket. Black in also used in our inspiration space from pillows and throws to seating in the dining area.

Remember, inspiration is everywhere, including your closet! Is there an awesome outfit just waiting to become a room?

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  1. Just loved this article. I absolutely love this color and the contrast you show with it is inspiring. Will definitely keep this in mind for decor and fashion. Thank you and Nice Job! .

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