Globe Trotter: Design Ideas for Travelers

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Every interior needs a little bit of that “well traveled” vibe. Whether that comes from a collection of books, textiles from different locales, or the slightly less subtle maps, flags, and globes.

Maps as Art

City Maps In Interior Design
Images: (Left) Elle Décor, (Right) Elle Décor

I feel like there is something in all of us that draws us to a map on the wall. Whether it’s a map of a city or a map of the world, we always seem to wander over to the wall to check out the lay of the land. Maps often come in earth tones, which allow them to take up more real estate on a wall without taking over the room entirely. I’ve noticed this application time and time again, whether it’s on a large screen behind a sofa, or large print on the wall, or framed maps hung in a giant grid - every time maps are used as a substitute for big art it makes an interesting statement without be too overpowering in the space.

Flags Add a Touch of Whimsy

Flags in Interior Design
Images: (Left) Max Rollitt, (Right) House and Home

Whether they truly mean something or are just a simple decorative pattern, to me, flags will always mean foreign lands and sea voyages. There are a lot of ways that flags can be incorporated into the décor of a room (on rugs, framed on the wall, as a foot warmer on the end of a bed, etc.), but as I was looking for photos to illustrate my point, my favorite application is shown above; strung together and draped over a doorway or as a wall hanging. It adds that perfect touch of well-traveled whimsy, don’t you think?

Globes: Perfect for a Tabletop

Globes in Interior Decorating
Images: (Left) House Beautiful, (Right) Elle Déco

Globes of all sizes and ages fit seamlessly into a country farmhouse, or a bohemian den (see above). Likewise, they are just as at home in stark modern spaces as they would be in a traditional library clad in rich mahogany shelving. They are casual and formal, serious and playful, colorful yet neutral. All of these points make globes the perfect tabletop accessory.

Globe Trotting for Youngsters

Maps and Flags in Kids Rooms
Images: (Left) Conde Nast , (Right) Home Base Decor

Whilst doing a little research for this article I couldn’t help but notice that my favorite application of flags and maps were in kids’ rooms. Selecting appropriate artwork can be tough for any age, but those awkward years between being a toddler and a teenager can be especially challenging. Winnie the Pooh no longer seems appropriate, but it might be a bit early to bust out the oil landscapes. Enter maps and flags! Their versatility and range of colors and sizes is a perfect solution when trying to figure out what to do to make your child’s space a little more put together while still letting them have their mismatched independence.

How do you express your inner globe trotter in your décor?

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