Palm Print Predictions From the Runway

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Palm tree prints have been a part of design for decades. Last year, such patterns were declared a trend by fashion media, including Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery 29. Similarly, over the past few years design bloggers have embraced the look by posting tropic-inspired living rooms, kitchens, and even baths. But if fashion is the true compass of design trends, then the 2014 Resort collections are pointing us in a new direction—modern interpretations of the classic palm print.

What We’re Currently Loving—The Banana Leaf

Images: (Top Left) New York Magazine, (Top Right) Priscilla Parizeau, (Bottom Left) Marjorie Skouras Design, (Bottom Right) House Beautiful

By far the most prominent palm print for homes is Hinson & Co.’s iconic Martinique in Green. Made popular by the historic Beverly Hills Hotel, the wallpaper features oversized banana palm leaves, and has been in production for over 60 years. Nearly identical prints can be found in fashion; they elicit nostalgic thoughts of tropical getaways.

Where We May Be Headed—Modern Interpretations

After reviewing over 200 Resort collections, identified key trends and predictions for next year. Included in their report is Hawaiian Punch, a modern mix of tropical florals, Polynesian prints, and vivid palm trees from labels including Prada and Jason Wu. Considering these new interpretations, here’s where decorative palm prints may be headed.

Modern Palm Print
Images: (Left), (Right) Lee Jofa

Fausto Puglisi used palm tree patterns throughout his 2014 Resort collection; specifically, he used varying prints of pink, yellow, blue, and green. In the home, this may translate to a wider array of color options. For example, Cole & Son’s Palm Leaves wallpaper offers vibrant non-traditional color combinations.

Palm Tree Print
Images: (Right), (Left) Etsy

Fashion label No. 21 produced a sports top with a single digitally-printed palm tree as part of its collection. Though designed simply and without color, the size of the image provides impact. A similar application for interiors could include a wall mural, such as this one by uBer Decals.

Abstract Palm Print
Images: (Right), (Left) AphroChic

In lieu of digital prints, Kenzo opted for hand-drawn palm fronds – sometimes painted directly onto fabric – to enliven their Resort collection. The abstracted prints reference classic palm motifs while offering a fresh perspective. Although inspired by starbursts, not tropical foliage, AphroChic’s JUJU wallpaper provides a similar look and feel.

New colors, isolated, or abstract motifs: which new take on palm prints do you think will catch on?

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