Caesarstone Plays a Starring Role in Christina Applegate's Kitchen Remodel

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(Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf)

When Christina Applegate experienced a flood in her home, she decided that it was time to upgrade her kitchen. The kitchen was the original design from when the house was first built and lacked functionality, comfort and charm. For the new kitchen, Christina sought a timeless design that incorporated a lot of pantry space, quality appliances, and clean lines, as well as an overall warmth through improved lighting.

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Laurel & Wolf Designer, Jessica Today, chose a classic white color scheme, featuring Pure White countertops, to make the space feel more open and welcoming. She also situated the sink in front of the window so Christina could look out into her gorgeous yard.

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@CaesarstoneUS #caesarstone #interiordesign #kitchen #bath #modernhome #christinapplegate #celebrityhomes #celebrity #quartz #durablecountertops(Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf)

Because the color scheme was primarily neutral, Jessica added a few key focal points to the kitchen: the urchin-shaped light fixture, brightly colored runner and gorgeous Wolf range all accentuate the space while adding pops of shape and color.

@CaesarstoneUS #caesarstone #interiordesign #kitchen #bath #modernhome #christinapplegate #celebrityhomes #celebrity #quartz #durablecountertops(Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf)

Functionality and practicality played a major role in the overall design. "I wanted to create the kitchen with a lot of storage solutions," explains Jessica. "So, working with the contractor, I designed custom drawers and cabinets for ease when cooking. Everything from upright slats for baking sheets, organized drawers for utensils and deep shelves for platters."

@CaesarstoneUS #caesarstone #interiordesign #kitchen #bath #modernhome #christinapplegate #celebrityhomes #celebrity #quartz #durablecountertops(Courtesy of Laurel & Wolf)

She continues: "Comfort is so important when designing homes, so I wanted to incorporate a family-friendly vibe into the design. Christina’s kitchen has a gorgeous island with Pure White Caesarstone countertops for prepping and cooking that looks onto the tufted banquette, where family and friends can sit and relax. I also added a message center near the tufted banquette for the phone, mail and notepads as well as a pinboard for her daughter’s artwork."


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