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Five months ago, our family of seven purchased a farmhouse built in 1864. We knew that we wanted to gut the kitchen immediately and open up a few walls to let some additional natural light in.  After receiving the keys, we went to work—starting with demo!  We needed to engineer two separate headers in order for the room to be structurally sound.  I chose to keep them exposed, which created an English kitchen vibe that ultimately drove the design style of the room.

After the room was opened up, we tore down all of the existing drywall to create a new and cohesive look. During this time, I made quick decisions on cabinetry, appliances and the kitchen design. The middle of the room, which hosts the main part of the kitchen, is the least lit so it needed bright, cheery cabinets and appliances. I chose to go with traditional shaker cabinets painted in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. The walls are Simply White, by Benjamin Moore, which helps to cool down the Swiss Coffee and provide a subtle contrast. 

Cloudburst Concrete 4011

We knew before renovating that this home's purpose was to be a place of hospitality. Therefore, all of our decisions were filtered through a lens of durability. For example, in our previous home we had chosen to have stylish legs around the kick plates of our cabinets, but after noticing how much dirt and grime got stuck in the crevices, we opted for closed kick plates and paintable baseboards. 

We flooded our kitchen more than a handful of times, which is humbling to admit, but because of the level of active bodies in our home, our flooring had to be the most durable of all! We chose to go with Coretec flooring in Calypso Oak as this was, by far, the most durable and efficient choice for our household as they are 100% waterproof!

For countertops, our last home had timeless marble. However, my children and husband always struggled with remembering to not place an open lemon or tomato on the countertop, causing all types of etching and stains. I was always reluctant to inform a guest that acidic items could not sit on the countertops, and because of that, we had many blemishes. In the end, we chose to go with Caesarstone's Cloudburst Concrete, which resulted in a neutral and classic finish to the cabinetry, much like marble would, but is scratch, stain and crack resistant. 

I chose Fisher & Paykel Integrated appliances because I wanted to keep the room free from too much dimension and contrast. I hoped to create a very soothing feel when walking into the kitchen where not one item would distract the eye. Having five children, it's important for me to keep our home as free from distraction as possible, as they create plenty of visual and auditory noise on their own!  

When choosing the range, I knew that I would want a dual fuel range and that it needed to accommodate a large family that hosts groups of people. After doing a lot of comparing and contrasting, I decided on the AGA Elise in Ivory. Not only does it look absolutely beautiful, but it's also is a workhorse! We've had four burners going at once while using both ovens and the broiler drawer. We have no doubt that this range will give us years of durability while increasing our culinary skills!

Sticking with the English kitchen style, we purchased parts to create a hanging pot rail.  This has been a great spot to keep our cast iron pans and to hang our most used cooking tools.

I am an avid Craigslist shopper and on the Saturday before Mother's Day, I found a neat work table that I thought would be great for an island. I had to sand it multiple times (it was painted lime green) and we added a butcher block top to it, but it has proven to be the most rustic and used piece of furniture in the entire kitchen. I was also able to thrift four mid-century countertop stools for $25 each, which was a great start to adding a twist of mid-century into the space.

I chose to mix up all of the finishes for faucets, hardware and lighting. I wanted it to look like we had pieced the kitchen together over time, not just in one big project. Our faucets are from Signature Hardware, cabinet hardware is from Top Knobs and our sink is from Highpoint Collection, available on Overstock. 

Because I chose to brighten up the darker space in the kitchen with ivory cabinetry and appliances, I knew I wanted to anchor each side of the room with warm wood. On the pantry side of the room, I designed a prep table made from red oak, topped with Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete. This serves as a potting table, the children's sink, and a drink bar when hosting.

On the other side of the room is our dining room-slash-schoolroom as I homeschool my children. Creating a learning environment that is efficient yet aesthetically pleasing to me is important. When we purchased the home, it was fully furnished.  While we donated most of the furniture, we kept a few key pieces and this large hutch was one of them. It was originally redwood, but we caulked and painted it to match our cabinetry. I added doors on the top so that some of our materials would be hidden. 

My friend's father custom built our table and bench for us and I was able to find these mid-century rattan chairs on Craigslist after months of searching for the perfect chair! We are looking forward to our school year starting so that we can enjoy the beautiful view from the giant windows as we learn together. 

I'm a little shocked over what we have been able to accomplish within the last five months. We worked so diligently and fast to be able to have a peaceful home by the time our school year started and I am just so pleased with the results. Hard work certainly pays off!


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