Pipe Up: Using Plumbing Pipe in Your Décor

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I can’t help myself. I’m always looking for ways to introduce unusual elements and character into interior design and one of my favorite ways of doing that is to use quirky materials. From cinder blocks to nautical notes, I’ve uncovered some of the ways to make a space unique and I’m going to share those with you. Today, we’re looking at the use of plumbing pipes to shake up your décor.


I’ve seen some crazy furniture that include pipe—a lounge chair made from radiators with pipe arms and legs, for example—but I tend to think of those things as novelty items instead of smart decorating choices. This desk, on the other hand (above), is a terrific combination of rustic, wooden textures and industrial-looking pipe legs. It has a sense of refinement to it that would work in plenty of homes.

Pipe Up- Using Plumbing Pipes in Your Décor on the Interior Collective Image: Apartment Therapy


Plumbing seems like a natural fit as a material for creating interesting lighting fixtures—after all, before the introduction of electric lighting, pipes supplied the gas that lit most homes. And before you think all plumbing-inspired lighting is going to read as steampunk (not that there’s anything wrong with that…), consider this pipe-and-crystal chandelier. Not your style? Remove the crystals and add Edison bulbs for a more industrial look.

Pipe Up- Using Plumbing Pipes in Your Décor on the Interior Collective Image: DIGS


One of my favorite uses of pipe in décor is in the creation of shelving units such as this one. If you’re a DIY-er (I’m not, but even I feel like I could tackle this project—with a couple of friends and a level) you can put together a bookcase that is customized to your exact needs - maybe even incorporating a desk, like this one does.

Pipe Up- Using Plumbing Pipes in Your Décor on the Interior CollectiveImage: Dog Milk


Once you start thinking of all the ways to use plumbing pipe in your décor, you won’t be limited to just the ideas I’m suggesting here. Bottom line is: let your imagination be your guide—see how this dog bed uses pipe as both legs and railing? You could use pipe as a stair rail, as part of a balcony, as… Well, you get the picture.

How will you use plumbing pipe in your home décor?

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