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This stunning Oxnard, California beach house is the brainchild of ROBERT KERR architecture design and the client’s daughter, Hailey Soren. While they both worked at Clive Wilkinson Architects at one point in their careers, their paths never crossed until this project. This Strand beach house has since won numerous awards and accolades, a testament to the collaborative design!

Let’s start with the center of every home - the kitchen. And boy, what a kitchen indeed! Slanted ceilings with skylight slits and a colorful island ensure no shortage of personality in this space. The view over the Pure White island counter is just as unforgettable!

Robert Kerr set out to create a fun, site-responsive, and environmentally sensitive space and let us say, mission accomplished!

Pure White decorates the nook table and side counter, both with amazing views on almost every side. How can someone eat when your jaw is on the floor from these gorgeous views?

The bedroom sits behind the kitchen, giving loungers and nappers a peek through the sliding doors to the beach outside.
“I try to never be afraid of color, material, or combining them in interesting ways,” Robert says.
This yellow statement wall, smooth wood fireplace, and textured wallpaper confirm his fearless approach.
“When can we move in?” says everyone in their right mind.

Keeping the colorful theme, intricate tile blends with Cinder (discontinued, but similar: Haze) on the counters and bath. With a view from the tub, this space could not be any more beautiful!

Unless the bathroom has a skylight… Can we take a moment to admire this skylight?

We love the fun wallpaper and colorful tile in this kids’ bathroom! Whale* you believe it? Caesarstone Pure White covers the counter!
*Please don’t cringe too hard, we love puns too.

The last bathroom, the guest bath, features textured wallpaper, Misty Carrara, and a door to the beach! Shower off the sand on your way back in – be a good guest!

With views galore, design details in every room, and a fun aesthetic, this collaboration is a true winner! We are ready for our guest invitation…any day now.

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