House Beautiful Unveils 2015 Kitchen of the Year in New Orleans

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New Orleans residents Helen and Scott Jenkins received the first guests in their newly renovated house this past weekend, as the 10th annual Junior League of New Orleans Kitchen Tour kicked off at their Garden District home. Chosen as the site for House Beautiful Magazine’s 8th annual Kitchen of the Year, their home boasts a newly renovated kitchen, family room, library and dining area courtesy of House Beautiful and renowned Designer Ken Fulk.

2015 Kitchen of the Year #HouseBeautiful @Caesarstone

Fulk designed the kitchen and its surrounding elements to incorporate an indigenous New Orleans aesthetic to the Uptown house, originally built in the 1860s. First, Fulk connected the kitchen to the covered rear porch with two salvaged carriage-house doors. The glass-paned, painted cypress doors allow plenty of light to spill into the kitchen.

Further, Fulk retained the soul of the kitchen through decisions to maintain older elements of the construction. The sloping floors were not leveled— to keep their personality—and the ceiling was raised to expose the original barge-board beams.

2015 Kitchen of the Year #HouseBeautiful @Caesarstone

Paying homage to New Orleans was not the only inspiration in designing this kitchen. Fulk believes in the kitchen as the, “new American living room,” and wanted to create a space suitable for entertaining guests and reconnecting with the family. This is apparent in the centerpiece of the kitchen, a 16 foot-long island, topped with Caesarstone Vanilla Noir countertops. Aside from allowing Fulk to add plenty of extra storage, the island’s additional counter space is perfect for creating a living-kitchen; anything from hors-d’oeuvres for a cocktail party, to the kids’ school work would be a fitting use for the area.

2015 Kitchen of the Year #HouseBeautiful @Caesarstone

For the rest of the kitchen counters, Fulk used Caesarstone Clamshell to add variety. The open-shelving above the main sink makes the kitchen feel spacious and provides display area for a personal touch.

2015 Kitchen of the Year #HouseBeautiful @Caesarstone

In the library, a newly installed wet-bar uses the same Caesarstone Vanilla Noir surface as the kitchen island. A black quartz rippled with slight white lines, the Vanilla Noir bar brings the two rooms together thematically. Further, the surface compliments the elegant fixtures, cabinetry and barware.

The entirety of the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year demonstrates excellence in kitchen design through the Fulk’s work and the innovative products and amenities featured therein. Is there something about this kitchen that catches your eye? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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