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If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that people have a passion for collecting, whether you’re an avid collector or a flea market aficionado. I love to collect, and if done properly personal objects can add much-needed character to a space. I firmly believe that you should build your room around items that that mean something to you. I love shaking it up a bit, putting together different elements and grouping them together. You can have new furnishings, but if you add a collection of personal elements, it gives the illusion that an interior evolved over time, and it tells the story of the person living there.

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Displaying collections is an easy way to show things at one time. Regardless of the accessory they look better in groupings, treasured photos can be pulled together with similar colored frames, or treasured family mementos grouped in an interesting arrangement on a tabletop. Have fun and play with size, color, texture, height, and shape. It’s all about the “visual story,” that makes groupings interesting.

#Collecting #FleaMarketFlip(Photo via Harolds Finishing Touches)

Think outside the box. Walls are also the perfect place for displaying collections. I love wall groupings of artwork, and it doesn’t always have to be the same subject matter. It’s about mixing shape and colors, mixing oils with etchings or watercolors. Building an artwork wall can add more impact to a wall than just a huge painting, it’s one of my favorite “looks.” In fact, some of the most eye-catching walls have happened when the artwork was mixed with mirrors or architectural fragments. It’s the pattern in which it’s hung on the wall that truly dictates the visual impact.

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Some tips when displaying collections:
1) Have a focal point, display in varying heights with the highest object in the middle.
2) Give “small space company and large objects space.”
3) When in doubt mix similar finishes or colors.
4) Play with size, shapes & textures.
5) Think outside the box. Walls are a great place to tell a “visual story.”

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