Simple Ways to Add Enamelware in the Kitchen

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Image: West Elm

Enamelware is a classic in the kitchen, most often available in classic white or bold red, however, there are a host of other colors to choose from as well. Here are a few of my favorites if you feel inspired to introduce some enamel into your kitchen.

Simple Ways to Add Enamelware in the Kitchen on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Ballard Designs; (2) Joinery; (3) IKEA; (4) West Elm; (5) Crate & Barrel; (6) Schoolhouse Electric; (7) Crate & Barrel; (8) Joinery; (9) Joinery; (10) West Elm; (11) West Elm

  1. Store food according to priority. Which gets higher ranking in your home, coffee or tea?
  2. My berries would be very happy to be rinsed in this colander.
  3. A great, little pitcher that also makes a charming flower vase.
  4. Each color is cute, but together, they look even better. One of each, please!
  5. Lasagna tastes better when it is cooked in a good-looking pan, right? (I’m pretty sure that’s how that works.)
  6. Enamel mugs have a pleasing thinness to the rim that makes them especially nice to drink from.
  7. The sunny yellow color and wooden handle make this a fun pot to cook with.
  8. The pie punch design on this enamel skimmer is incredibly sweet.
  9. Ditto for this little strainer.
  10. Enamel plates are resilient, but remember not to put them in the microwave to heat up leftovers.
  11. Your morning coffee just got a style upgrade!

Simple Ways to Add Enamelware in the Kitchen on the Interior CollectiveImages: (12) Williams-Sonoma; (13) West Elm; (14) Crate & Barrel; (15) IKEA; (16) Schoolhouse Electric; (17) West Elm; (18) Williams-Sonoma

  1. Might you be in need of a small bucket? This one is darling.
  2. I feel like not enough people use bread boxes these days. Are you missing one? You can rectify that easily, you know.
  3. Aren’t you glad this mid-century classic is back in production?
  4. This has hooks so it can be hung on a rail system, but it would be cute sitting on the counter, too.
  5. Everything nests together for easy storage. This is the coordinated, adorable prep set of my dreams.
  6. Choose your favorite color, or pick up one of each.
  7. Vintage with a charming patina. Just what my compost needed? Sure, let’s go with it.

Which pieces would you want in your home?

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