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Mid-century modern is back and taking over Pinterest boards across America! We love that this style has proven timeless throughout the years and Michelle Lord Interiors utilizes all the best of the era, in a modern, fun way.  This full-service design firm based out of Redondo Beach, CA caters to individual aesthetics, leading to truly unique spaces that we can’t wait to show you!

Mid-century modern is defined by clean, modern lines and incorporating nature using lots of windows, woods, and other textural elements. The wood cabinets and skylight certainly keep with the style movement while the pendant lights pay tribute to the 1950’s. Pure White counters bring a modern edge to this gorgeous space!

We’ve all seen open shelving before in the kitchen but Michelle Lord uses the shelves as an artistic display, relieving the white walls and blank stretches of space.

Same house, same aesthetic, different space! Translating mid-century design to the bathroom, Michelle Lord uses textured walls and blends of wood to bring the iconic style to life. Pure White counters make the transition seamless!

Ah yes, the classic 60’s wallpaper we were waiting for. This powder room is funky fresh and maximizes the small space with big style.

This mid-century haven would have been incomplete without this lattice room divider. Decorative, functional, and stylish! The Pure White vanity matches the main bathroom, keeping the design effortless and consistent throughout the house.

Mid-century modern is one of our favorite, on-trend design styles. We can’t wait to see more!

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