Nautical Notes: Subtle Ways to Bring the Best of Boating Into Your Home

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Image: Elle Decor

We’ve all seen beach houses that have way too many references to a life on the sea—as if someone decided that having every possible piece of boating accessory, from mounting ships’ wheels to hanging semaphore flags, will evoke a carefree feeling. Ick. Nothing could be worse; it’s like living inside a badly-themed seafood restaurant.

For a few tips on showing your love of the nautical life, let’s take a look at these inspiring interiors. Starting with the now infamous boat mounted on the ceiling trick that designer Jeffrey Alan Marks pulled above; an extreme move, certainly, but one that works wonders for adding personality to the space.


Image: Dustjacket Attic

Have your décor say “Ahoy!” by using teak—a wood that is traditionally used in shipbuilding. It is especially rich and textured and is a great choice for a bathtub. You can hardly get more nautical!

Built-in Bunks

Image: Sarah Sarna

The seafaring life is one that necessitates plenty of built in furnishings for safety; this requires utilizing every space in the most efficient way possible. Why not bring that same spirit to the kids’ or guest room with a set of built-in bunks like these? Add a modern but nautical stripe and you’re set.


Image: Plush Palate

Who says nautical touches can’t bring elegance to your home? This rope and cleat treatment for a stair rail is the height of showing love for water voyaging, and could not be more sophisticated.

How are you showing your sea legs in your home decorating?

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