Caesarstone Opens Factory Doors in the US

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After 28 years in business and scouting over 75 locations, Caesarstone finally opened the doors to a brand new, state-of-the-art factory in the United States on May 27th, 2015. This exciting grand opening in Richmond Hill, Georgia was not only celebrated by the Caesarstone team, but also the community of the local area. Over 200 new jobs have been created, giving the area a boost in employment with incredible facilities.

What does this mean for Caesarstone’s valuable customers? It means local jobs and economic growth, faster product to market, and sustainable and innovative processes.

@caesarstoneus #GrandOpening

The big day began with a reception and boasting some innovative Caesarstone designs you might be familiar with. Both Philippe Malouin’s Planters and Swings were on display (from Milan Design Week 2015), as well as the incredible Raw Edges Island (from Milan Design Week 2014).

@caesarstoneus #GrandOpening(Halie Johnson Photography)

@caesarstoneus #GrandOpening

After some refreshments (including sweet tea - in honor of the southern location), guest were invited to sit as representatives from both Caesarstone and Georgia had a chance to express their excitement and gratitude through a series of speeches and videos.

@caesarstoneus #GrandOpening(Halie Johnson Photography)

After the speeches completed, representatives pushed the big button to begin official production. It was an exciting start to the work that will be done in the factory for many years to come!

@caesarstoneus #GrandOpening

Finally, lunch was served and the tours began. Guests were escorted by trained tour guides to see the manufacturing process and brand new facilities.

Although the manufacturing plant is already in full swing, Caesarstone is excited to add a Visitor Center to the location later this year. This interactive area is designed by architect Stephanie Goto and will be a fantastic addition for visitors interested in the Caesarstone story and products.

It was a great day and the Caesarstone team looks forward to creating more relationships in Georgia and beyond. Caesarstone is available throughout the United States, and now it’s manufactured in the US!

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