Day 3 | Milan Design Week

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“Nothing deserves our attention more than food – it binds us, it fuels us, and the myriad of issues concerning its production, distribution and consumption, touch on some of humanity’s most fundamental problems”. This is how food designer Marije Vogelzang describes what stands in the basis of “Eat Shit”, the first exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven’s new department “Food Non Food”.

The entire department (18 students and teachers) deal in their works with the politics of how, where and why we eat, in a part exhibition, part public laboratory format. On display we can find the “Popcorn Monsoon” by Jolene Carlier, Pim van Baaren’s “Holy Crap” (a project that rethinks waste in Kathmandu) and “Infinite Sausage” by food curator Lucas Mullié, a food-producing machine that provide a dinner menu for the visitors.

Eat Shit by Design Academy Eindhoven

“Things of edible beauty” is a new platform by Ido Garini’s Studio Appetit, presented in the exhibition “A Brand New World”, which expands the boundaries of multidisciplinary design and perceptions, in edible hyper-aesthetic perfume and make up. The new concept explores the everyday aesthetics of food and its ornamental value, based on flavors trend forecasting and development. It is a new embodiment of fashion, combining design objects, edible products, visuals and fragrances.

Things of Edible Beauty by Studio Appetit

In “honey, we need to talk”, students from the Design School Kolding, Denmark, invited the visitors to join the dialogue around “the table” as a design icon and the place where we sit down and discuss things over dinner. For example, in “Meat on the Table”’ Solveig Stilling visualizes and stages the meal in its primordial form: the meat is on display with a sensuousness that makes us perceive the scent of the meal that is a result of a successful hunt, just like in the old days.

Solveig Stilling, Design School Kolding

From a different perspective, IL LAZZARETTO presents “On an Empty Stomach”. 21 artists and designers have been invited especially to interpret the delicate and complex topic of “fasting” through some critical works, in reaction to Expo 2015, during which Milan will host a food debate under the headline “Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life”.

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Ferruccio Laviani, On an Empty Stomach

Donata Parruci, On an Empty Stomach

Studio DESSUANT, On an Empty Stomach

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