6 New Ways to Reinvent Grandma’s Needlepoint and Cross-stitch

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Images: (1) Famille Summerbelle; (2) Anthropologie; (3) Shoe Pics; (4) Whorange

When I was in grad school I interned for Jonathan Adler, the celebrated king of happy chic. I remember being humored by his fascination with needlepoint everything—calling it “grandma chic.” I loved the idea of taking a dated fad and making it new. Once again, needlepoint and all types of stitching are back en vogue and it is now being applied everywhere—from shoes to chairs to dresses. It’s a bit nostalgic, whimsical, and awe-inspiring. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it.

  1. Oversized cross-stitched. Any time a trend cycles back there’s the question of how to reinvent it. Here the creators took the tradition and blew it up in scale. Oversized anything is a great way to play with something old and I love how they made it new.
  2. Cross-stitched on clothing. One of my favorite dresses is a cross-stitched dress of flowers similar to this one. This sweet ensemble is updated with a current color palette and fresh pattern.
  3. Updated motifs on shoes. These adorable shoes are needlepointed in clean designs with fresh vibrant colors. Perfect for a little pick-me-up.
  4. Cheeky sayings. Jonathan Adler is the king of cheeky and juxtaposition. The sweet tradition of needlepoint pillows is juxtaposed with unexpected sayings, creating a perfect surprise for guests.
  5. Floral needlepoint. Florals and needlepoint are nothing new, but done in a modern silhouette and paired with other modern accessories updates the look. This skirt is gorgeous for its intricate pattern.
  6. The matching chair is reinvented with its all-over pattern. Placed in an updated setting, the chair takes on a brand new life and feels new with a deep respect for the past.

6 New Ways to Reinvent Grandma’s Needlepoint and Cross-stitch on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Vegan & Normal; (6) Living With Needlepoint

Would you wear needlepoint or place it in your house?

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