Runway to Room: Aztec Prints

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Image: Society 6

I noticed Aztec prints cropping up in fashion a little over a year ago; maybe you have noticed them too. If you aren’t aware of the origin of these designs, they are inspired by the textiles of the ancient Aztec people. The Aztecs lived in central Mexico from the 14th to 16th centuries. You didn’t realize that you were going to get a history lesson today, did you?

Aztec patterns have worked their way from the fashion world into home décor. What I love about these designs are the bright colors, symmetry, repeating patterns and geometric shapes. To me these are not only the key identifiers of the Aztec style, but what also makes it perfect for home decorating. This style is well suited for those who want a bold piece but don’t want to go too crazy. Of course if you like a bit of a wild feel in your home, you are welcome to throw multiple Aztec decor pieces into the mix.

When I think about decorating my home, I always think about DIY’ing some items of interest. Not everything, but a few choice pieces that I want to be unique. Aztec home décor is perfect for doing yourself. The straight lines and geometric shapes are conducive to painting, sewing or stenciling. To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve pulled together a few DIY Aztec home décor items to inspire you. I’d love to try any of these:

Aztec Décor collage

Aztec DIY Home Decore
Images: (1) Osie Moats, (2) Minted Strawberry, (3) Nellie Bellie, (4) 2nd Funniest Thing, (5) Oh Caro

  1. DIY aztec headboard from Osie Moats
  2. Aztec print gold and blue pot from Minted Strawberry
  3. Make a rug with a drop cloth and paint from Nellie Bellie
  4. DIY table at 2nd Funniest Thing
  5. DIY Aztec/Mayan cushion cover at Oh Caro

What is your favorite DIY Aztec home décor piece out of the above? Which one will you try? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That headboard is AWESOME!!

  2. LOVE that pillow collection. 🙂 Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!

  3. Such a great idea and I love how you even know the history of it all! The headboard is fabulous!

  4. I’ve always loved that dropcloth rug from Nellie Bellie!

  5. I love the DIY rug… VERY COOL!

  6. That headboard is awesome!

  7. I am loving aztec right now – I have a great purse and sweater that mimic some of the patterns you shared.

    I love-love-love that rug! The colours are fabulous! I can see myself buying it.

  8. The headboard is amazing!

  9. Amy, I love everything you showed us but the headboard is just amazing! So rustic and the design is completely unexpected…I have a headboard on my to-to list for next year and I’m saving this post re revisit when the time comes!

  10. I’m warming up to the Aztec look! Great article Amy!

  11. These are such beautiful photo’s! I’m a huge fan of Aztec, it feels so warm and cozy!

  12. Oh man. I love all of those pillows. I want to incorporate this style into my living room this summer and I think pillows might be the answer!

  13. Loved the history lesson! And love Aztec. So fun!

  14. Love love love that dropcloth rug from Nellie Bellie!

  15. I haven’t thought of using Aztec prints in my home, but I could probably ease into it with the striped pillow. 🙂

  16. I will admit to being hesitant at first because I lived through the first wave of Aztec decor with all the peachyness, but I have to say that the modern take is colorful and fun! Thanks for all the fun examples 🙂

  17. I’ve never been a huge fan of that type of print, but that headboard is amazing!!

  18. Number 5, for sure. I just like the simplicity of the look. I also like an Aztec print in the home, here and there. Too much of it though, and it all seems a little busy to me.

    Great post!