Space-Saving Ideas For Your Pantry

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A pantry is a fundamental component of every kitchen, providing that much needed space for canned goods, dry foods, spices and other cooking essentials.  Knowing how to organize a pantry, whether large or small, can really improve the functionality of the space and make it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it.  Here are some ingenious ways to help make the most out of your pantry.


Most Pantries have shelves, but what about that unused space between shelves? Add detachable crates or hanging baskets under the shelves for extra storage.

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Avoid the hassle of emptying out your entire pantry for just one spice jar with these sliding shelves.  No more mess!

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Hanging Door Organizers 

Let no pantry space go to waste.  A low-cost shoe rack can be turned into a hanging door rack for utensils and other kitchen gadgets, saving you space while also creating an organized system for smaller kitchen items.

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Securing saran wrap, trash bags, and tin foil dispensers to the back of the pantry door is not only a great way to stay organized, it also makes it easy to pull the wrap right out of the box.

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Stay Organized with Containers 

Glass jars are functional and they’re aesthetically pleasing, bringing a hint of old French style to your pantry.

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If you prefer something a little more modern, create an effortlessly clean and uniform look in your Pantry with these multipurpose containers.

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Having trouble organizing your spices?  Look no further!  For less than $15 you can install these simple spice racks for easy accessibility.

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The Hidden Pantry 

 If your kitchen doesn't have room for a pantry or you simply want to save some space, a sliding pantry is a perfect alternative.  This design functions nicely in tight spaces and adds an element of surprise to your kitchen.

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 There are so many ways to organize a pantry.  What creative ideas have you come up with for your pantry?

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