5 Tips for A Beautiful and Cozy Basement

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I grew up in Southern California where basements are not the norm. It wasn’t until I moved to Utah for school that I learned about the wonderful world of basements and why every house needs and deserves one. They are great for storage, guest rooms, media rooms, and game rooms, to mention a few. However, I find them to be neglected when it comes to design. Perhaps they fall under the “out of sight, out of mind” motto or the fact that they are more for purpose than display. The following list is some of my tips on how to create a beautiful space while retaining the useful character of a basement.

5 Tips for A Beautiful and Cozy BasementImages: (left) The Little Corner (right) Elle Decor

Break it up into spaces.

One huge basement is wonderful, but it won’t be used to its highest capacity unless it is divided into smaller spaces. This can be done through permanent walls or clever space planning. The bar in the top left picture gives a great example of creating a nook within a large space.

Comfort pillows.

Basements are all about the comfort. Amp it up with tons of beautiful and comfortable throw pillows on a cushy sofa like the picture in the above right. Sectionals are also great options if you need to split up a space.

5 Tips for A Beautiful and Cozy BasementImage: Now Cultured


A beautiful basement is one that also efficiently uses the space, like a nook under the staircase in the photo above.

5 Tips for A Beautiful and Cozy BasementImage: Houzz

Recessed lighting.

Because of low ceilings, basements need as little obstruction as possible. Recessed lights are the best way to go versus clunky or low ceiling fixtures.

All white.

Basements can be dank and dirty so brighten it up with all white. It will create the illusion of a crisp, clean space in what’s typically considered a cave (see top photo).

Do you have a basement? How do you like to use it?

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