Baskets with Purpose: Adding Beautiful Organization into Your Home

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Image: Beclaire House

Organization is not one of my greatest strengths. I’d much rather make one creative mess after another than clean up after each project. However, I find it much easier to organize when I have beautiful tools to work with—I want to show them off! Baskets are my favorite organization tool because they, themselves, are beautiful and just asking to be filled. Every room of the house can benefit from simple organizational solutions baskets provide. Here are some of my favorite ways to use them for every room in the house.


The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important rooms to keep clean and organized because there are so many dangerous items like sharp knives and electric appliances. Try adding a beautiful basket on the ground for easy access to those clunky cutting boards, like in the bottom left picture.

Baskets with Purpose- Adding Beautiful Organization into Your HomeImages: (left) The Polished Pebble; (right) Southern Hospitality

Laundry room

Baskets are a great solution for keeping the laundry room spic and span, like the top right image. Set them on shelves for easy pull out.


A beautiful basket in the bedroom can be used as a hamper or a clean-up unit for a kid’s room, like the bottom left image. I show off a gorgeous basket that I got in France to hold my scarf collection.

Baskets with Purpose- Adding Beautiful Organization into Your HomeImages: (left) Vintage House; (right) Espacio Vital


If you don’t have a console, try placing baskets under the sink to hold essentials, like toilet paper and guest hand towels in the image, above right. They’re easily accessible for guests who don’t feel comfortable going through their host’s belongings.


I love an entry/mudroom that fulfills its function—to hold stuff! Place a series of evenly sized baskets under a long table and organize them according to the items it holds like scarves, gloves, shoes, etc. Try decorating them by painting the bottom, see bottom left image.

Baskets with Purpose- Adding Beautiful Organization into Your HomeImages: (left) Martha Stewart; (right) Beclaire House

What are your techniques for getting organized?

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