Hyde and Seek: 3 New Leather Looks to Put on Your Radar

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Image: Pk Copenhagen

Leather, a long-time favorite material of mine, has proven time and time again to be both durable and versatile. It’s one of the few things used in both fashion design and transportation, showing a small sense of how ubiquitous it really is. It’s a natural material and one of the few that tends to improve in looks over time.

These chairs show off leather as we tend to think of it used in home décor —providing long-lasting upholstery that can be found in every style of furniture. But leather at home is no longer confined to play a single role; let’s take a look at some creative uses.

Woven Headboard

Leather Woven Headboard
Image: Hummingbirdp

These designers have created a beautifully textured headboard by weaving together strips of leather with unrefined edges. The end result would work for just about any bedroom. I can only imagine how many DIY-ers reading this are already making plans to construct this look in their own home.

Leather Flooring

Leather Flooring
Image: The Awesomer

A big change from the standard cowhide rug, this floor matt — available in area rug configurations or as a wall-to-wall option — is made from upcycled leather belts. Perhaps a more advanced project for die-hard DIY enthusiasts? I’ve seen this treatment used on staircases as well for a very dramatic effect.

Leather Bowls

Leather Bowls
Image: Willy Chong

An eye-opening example of how leather can be used in your home décor, these handcrafted leather bowls are quite something. On their own or used to display a collection, I think they are a great idea, and not your everyday use of this tried-and-true material.

How do you use leather goods in your home?

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