The IKEA Advantage

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Want a designer kitchen or modern bathroom remodel but can’t afford the price tag? Well, IKEA’s got you covered! Despite the haters, my husband and I have been super happy with both the quality and the ease of assembly, having put together/installed multiple kitchen and bathroom projects. Obviously, the price point of the home needs to be considered before opting for IKEA over custom builds, but here are some major props that this Swedish company provides.

Price Point

The absolute best thing about IKEA is that normal people like you and me can afford to build a fully customizable set of cabinets and vanities without having to break the bank. They’re also great about keeping in step with current trends and modern aesthetics. And don’t think the cheaper price tag means you're scrimping on features; all of the cabinet systems can be easily outfitted with soft close, lighting options and storage accessories.

Ease of Assembly

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that IKEA products are a nightmare to assemble, but in our experience, this simply isn’t true. At one point, we had a shipment of over seventy separate boxes sitting in our living room and were ourselves freaking out a bit. But once we figured out how to put together one cabinet, all we had to do was repeat the process over and over—in fact, we got pretty dang fast at whipping those bad boys out.


This one is pretty self explanatory, the IKEA model basically works off a cube system (Sektions) meant to fit any space you have. They even have a program that allows you to build a rendered model of your project before you purchase! If you can dream it, you can build it.


You might think that with the lower price means cheaper quality; again, this has not been our experience. We’ve got pieces that have held up great for years. But even if you do need a replacement part, IKEA offers an up to a 25 year warranty. We’ve used this process for smaller parts in the past and it was a breeze!

We’re pretty biased in our love for IKEA, so you should probably just give it a try yourself—but where else can you get a stylish new kitchen for under two grand and a piping hot cinnamon roll for less than two bucks?!


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