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We’ve all got that one room in our homes that needs a bit of love. It’s the Dark Lord Room, the one that must not be named. Although there’s a time and a place for mysterious, moody settings, most people enjoy spending the bulk of their hours in light and airy spaces. Apart from adding windows or raising ceilings—which, if you can afford, go for it—what are some easy techniques to defeat Voldemortroom?

1.  Fresh Paint and LED Lights

Easy enough, right? We know that lighter colors can “open up” a room and darker ones make them feel more intimate, but what if you want a bit of both? It’s not always necessary to paint the entire room and, sometimes, just bringing in a lighter, contrasting color to a main wall can do the trick. Also, never underestimate the simple task of replacing old bulbs (e.g. can lighting) with new LEDs. If you’re feeling extra sassy, find those bulbs that have a brightness that can be adjusted (the sweet spot seems to be around 3000K).

2. Declutter

Don’t call Marie Kondo just yet! It’s amazing how much a room can open up simply by clearing out a bit of crap and shifting the furniture around. Limit the number of items you have in a room by only displaying those things that you love or that serve a purpose. If you can, get stuff off of the floor and onto some open shelving or decorative storage units.



3. Chuck the heavy furniture and dark soft goods

Opting for lighter fabrics, neutral palettes and leggier furniture is another way to tremendously brighten a space. Trade in those heavy draperies for some lightweight linen or sheer curtains. Think about limiting bulky decor and furniture pieces to allow for more breathability.



4. Clean your reflective surfaces!

This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how much of a difference a clean window, mirror or coffee table can make! While clear windows allow for optimum natural lighting, reflective surfaces catch the light and send it cascading onto its surroundings. So, make friends with your Windex!

And just like that, folks, Volde-room has been vanquished, darkness is on the retreat and the bright light of victory shineth upon thee.

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