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I love rustic, but all that raw folkloric feeling doesn’t get along with my real life needs. I love contemporary minimalism, but its stark and stiff vibe makes me anxious. A mix of both styles, however? A match made in heaven. Take, for example, the following bathrooms. They have a sophisticated, laid back vibe inspired by the casual handmade essence of the country style and the sleek uncluttered attitude of the contemporary design. Moreover, they have a focus on today’s lifestyle and can be easily adopted by most people who value function and beauty all the same.

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Here are the most common 5 elements we usually come across in a modern country bathroom:

1.  Wooden beams as a structural element. Usually they are with a natural finish but they can also be found painted white or other neutral shades.

2.  Built in cabinetry and open shelving. Built in bathtubs and showers are common as well.

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #interiordesign #kitchen #bath #modernhome #countryhome(Via Blakstad)

3.  Natural organic accents like woven fiber rugs and baskets, tree trunk stools and unrefined wooden ladders.

4.  Contemporary touches like designer lighting fixtures and high-end fittings, often with a contrasting shiny finish.

5.  Luxurious soft towels and other modern comforts that add a welcoming note to the space. 

@CaesarstoneUS #Caesarstone #quartz #interiordesign #kitchen #bath #modernhome #countryhome(Via Luxury Accomodations)

What are your favorite elements of a modern country bathroom?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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