Little Ways To Make Your Home Greener

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Today is Earth Day. And like every Earth Day since it first came into being in 1970, we take time to recognize the beauty and resources our planet provides, and strive to alleviate the strain we put upon it. There is no better way to begin building a more eco-friendly lifestyle than working to make you home Green.

Not the color, of course, but lessening the impact your home makes on the environment. Luckily, creating an eco-friendly living space does not mean foregoing modern comforts and styles. From growing your own herbs to simply choosing environmentally friendly building materials, here are some quick tips for making your home more eco-friendly:


(Photo via Williams Sonoma)

Fresh herbs gain a larger carbon footprint through being shipped from the source to your local grocery. An herb garden like this one saves cost, foregoes a heavy carbon-footprint, and makes a great accent piece in a kitchen or outdoor area.


(Photo via Lecreuset)

Quite a few everyday appliances have more eco-friendly counterparts. Using a push mower instead of a gas or electric lawn mower saves on energy. Tankless water heaters are energy efficient and avoid water waste. Even when it comes to your morning coffee, you can find a greener alternative. Instead of turning on your electric pot in the morning, try using a French press like the one pictured here.


(Photo via Caesarstone)

Building a more eco-friendly home begins with the materials you use. Caesarstone surfaces are a good way to create a green living space. Caesarstone was the first quartz company to receive ISO 14001 Certification- a global standard for environmental protection, and the Chocolate Truffle surface shown here is Recycled Content Certified by Scientific Certified Systems (SCS).


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