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When I design a home, I tend to start with a statement piece and then work around it. One of my favorite places to start is the floor. Flooring is often an afterthought to the rest of a room; however, I believe that a beautiful and thoughtfully chosen floor will inspire the rest of the design choices in a space. Think of it as building on the right foundation.

In my research, I’ve found some really amazing flooring options that might make your jaw drop. Even the simplest techniques can produce some amazing results. Let’s take a look:

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  1. Painted floor. The painted floor is an easy and cheap option for a hard floor surface. The best part about a painted floor is the unlimited options: patterns, stripes, solids, etc. Then you have your choice of matte or glossy, which can really create a wonderful glow. The choice of a glossy mint floor in the example shown here ties in all of the wonderful design elements of the rest of the room.
  2. Marble herringbone tile. Gasp! This bathroom would already be beautiful, but lay down a gorgeous texture and pattern with marble and it’s beyond amazing. The pattern adds visual interest, while the mix of colors creates depth.
  3. Wood chevron. Wood flooring is pretty standardized, but wood flooring in a pattern is not. Why not take your flooring choice up a notch and create a chevron pattern? It’s gorgeous and thoughtful.
  4. Stripes! Stripes are in, in a big way. They create instant cool to a room. In this instance, the black and white bold stripe is oversized, resulting in instant drama. Use this technique to freshen up a room and create a younger feeling vibe.
  5. A mix of techniques. This one is my favorite! The space is minimal, so the designer added visual interest in the flooring with two different techniques: hexagon tiles and wood paneling. The tiling under the dining table creates a sense of room separation in the huge open space.
  6. Pennies! Now this is clever! Copper has such a lovely patina and would make a great design choice.

What’s your favorite flooring option? Do you spot your favorite here?

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