Temporary Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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As a renter or as an owner of a minuscule kitchen, you quickly realize that space is at a premium. Sometimes temporary storage is the answer while you keep your eyes open for a more permanent solution, other times it ends up being the solution in itself. Here are five kitchen storage solutions to get those wheels turning!

My all-time favorite is probably the simplest, and maybe most obvious. A kitchen cart (aka bar cart) can be anything you need it to be. Microwave stand? Check. Coffee station? Check. Mobile so you can hide it in a minute? Check. It's also extremely versatile so you can use it in the kitchen for now, then in the living room or dining room later.

Temporary Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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When a solution adds personality and style as well as functionality you know you're onto something good. Pot rails can serve approximately 101 purposes when quickly installed on a kitchen wall. Add some S-hooks and you're ready to hang pots to free up precious cabinet space or suspend cooking utensils when there's not a free drawer.

Temporary Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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You've most likely seen cork panels used in office spaces for use as inspiration boards, but have you considered lining the inside of your cabinet doors with them? They'll add valuable real estate for often used, light weight items like measuring cups and spoons. And of course they're also great for their intended purpose – pin favorite recipes and conversation charts so that they're close at hand.

Temporary Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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I love this easy DIY solution for wine storage. But you don't need to stop there – think outside of the box. Use PVC pipes to store cooking utensils or that rascally paper towel roll.

Temporary Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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This is an important one, because no matter how big your kitchen there's only so much room under the sink. And the answer is as simple as a tension rod! Use it to span the width of your cabinet then suspend spray bottles by their triggers. Now the floor of the cabinet can be freed up for baskets to corral everything else.

What's your best space-saving kitchen solution?

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