5 Inspiring Showers You Wish You Could Step Into

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Image: Sean Fennessy, production: Lucy Feagins for The Design Files

I look for inspiration everywhere—sometimes in what others may be the most unusual places. For example, showers. I have a great open concept shower in my home (by that I mean no need for a shower door, similar to the image above) and am always on the lookout for other amazing shower design ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.


Striking Showers
Image: Maz Zambelli on Vosgesparis

This open concept shower has so much going for it, starting with the sheer size of the space. This looks large enough to wash a small horse! The choice of inky dark wall and graphic black and white floor tiles really makes this stand out. Throw in two pair of industrial—but white!—lighting fixtures, and you’ve got something completely different.


Wood Chair Shower
Image: Pinterest

This simple, almost Zen-like, shower is one of my all time favorites. The large, mixed-texture wall tiles set the stage for a soothing spa rain-shower experience, but the wooden bench steals the show. I’ve never seen anything like it and plan to find a way to use this idea myself some day.


White Showers
Image: BLTD

Bringing natural light into the shower is almost always a good move—in this case, what appears to be a skylight beaming down into a space that feels open, but is completely closed off with glass. Extra inspiration comes from the use of loose white stones as a border, and to cleverly hide the drain!

Erase Boundaries

Modern Shower
Image: Carl Dahlstedt for Residence

The last word in open concept showers would have to be this one—where the entire bathroom literally opens to the outdoors. There’s something to be said for letting go of convention completely (as long as it’s in the privacy of your own back yard and safely hidden from prying eyes), don’t you think? Having even a small sense of this kind of freedom while enjoying a shower—maybe through a well-placed window instead of opening the entire wall—is certainly inspiring.

What kinds of showers have inspired you?

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