How to Add Interest with Graphic Wallpaper

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Image: Rocket St George

Wallpaper is definitely one of those trends that has an ebb and flow. Lucky for us it's on the up and up once again and there are countless looks and styles ready and waiting to add new interest to our homes. The thing is that today's wall coverings aren't your grandmother's – in fact they're not even last decade's. They're fresh, eclectic, and full of personal style that you can design an entire room around.

How to Add Interest with Graphic Wallpaper

Image: Layla Grayce

Some of my personal favorite graphic wallpapers have metallic accents and a clean geometry about them. When complex patterns are showcased on a white or neutral background they can be eye-catching without being overwhelming, which is the key choosing something you won't tire of next week.

How to Add Interest with Graphic Wallpaper

Image: Hannah Nunn

Entryways, bathrooms, and even closets are great spaces for pattern-heavy papers. The small areas they cover give intense patterns a place to live – not unlike creating a tiny art installation in your own home! In fact, I'm hoping to wallpaper the back walls of a few of the closets in the home I'm moving into next month, and can attest that there is no shortage of fantastic options to choose from.

How to Add Interest with Graphic Wallpaper

Image: KateZarembaCompany on Etsy

One of the best developments of late has been removable wallpaper – no commitment! This is incredibly ideal for renters who aren't allowed to alter their space and decorators who are looking for a temporary solution. And while it's completely acceptable to hang art on top of wallpaper, if you choose a graphic pattern you're in love with that just may be enough.

Which wallpaper design do you like?


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  1. I love the idea of adding graphics to the wall (or the floors; have you seen Felt Ball Rug’s tumblr post a few weeks back?) as an accent piece. It’s such a fun, unique and out-of-the-box way to change up a room. Especially, like you said, with the new designs that are out now!

    Also, great to know about the removable wallpaper!

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