The Coolest Summer Beach Towels

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Every summer I promise myself I'm going to invest in a nice, hip beach towel I can be proud of. For some reason, it always falls short on the long list of items to buy each season... so, I end up dragging out my touristy Hawaiian beach towel from my honeymoon years ago. It's sort of shameful, really... it depicts a map of all of the islands with a geographical grid. As a tourist, maybe they think you're going to get lost or maybe you forgot exactly where you decided to vacation and need a not so subtle reminder. Long story short, it's horrendous and I dread pulling it out of my beach bag. This summer I finally rounded up a pretty amazing list of towels and am about to pull the trigger on one of my favorites. Feast your eyes upon the coolest beach towels of summer...

01: i am fun beach towel // 02: pink flamingo beach towel // 03: abstractions beach towel // 04: patterned beach towel // 05: jacquard beach towels

I'm usually not attracted to bubble gum pink because I don't consider myself to be attracted to "girly girl" sort of textiles. If there's one time you can get away with being bold and pink- it's summertime. I love the abstract towel and the "I Am Fun" towel because it's so quirky and weird. It really made me laugh and I could see this being a good conversation starter at the beach! If you're not into bold colors, no worries. I've got a neutral roundup below that is sophisticated, graphic and a bit more serious.

01: striped turkish beach towel // 02: paloma beach towel // 03: round amaroo beach towel //04: le grand depart beach towel // 05: nobleford beach towel // 06: sunny life lux towel

The round beach towels have completely stolen my heart. I think they're so much more practical, plus I love the unique shape... not to mention the tassel / fringe edge detail! I like to take up lots of space at the beach or pool. Sometimes I sit, listen to music, take my hat or headphones on and off... set my book aside, etc. Basically, I like a lot of space and the round towels certainly are intriguing. The other towel I'm seriously eying is the typographic towel. There's something about a reversible towel with a clean sans serif type that is really appealing to the print designer in me. That one would never go out of style!

01: wallflower beach towel // 02: egyptian cotton border beach towel // 03: striped turkish beach towel // 04: alabat beach towel // 05: casa grande striped towel

The first towel with the 70's vibe is uber cool, but I also really appreciate a towel that is timeless and constructed of quality material. I think from this set, my favorite would be number two- the classic border Egyptian cotton towel.

01: sunbathing print towel // 02: shibori beach towel throw // 03: black & blue spotted beach towel // 04: tie-dye grid towel // 05: navy anchor beach towel // 06: geometric beach blanket //07: round geometric beach towel // 08: polka dot beach towel for 2

Navy and blue hues are the obvious choice for the beach or pool palette because... you guessed it- water tones! You can do no wrong with a blue beach towel. I personally would love to have number eight, simply because it's extra wide and fits two people. The pattern is also really playful and fun!

01: aloha beach towel // 02: yellow stripe beach towel // 03: round palm tropical leaf towel

THESE are the Hawaiian or tropical towels that actually work (unlike my tacky map towel). They're bright, quirky, playful, and all reminisce that carefree tropical vibe. Who doesn't want to embody that attitude during the summer?

Which towels are you most attracted to? Have you ever invested in a nice beach towel or are you on the same page as me and rock an old tourist towel because it is what it is? I'm sort of embarrassed to admit how excited I am to actually own a cool beach towel.

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