8 Lace Projects to Add Flourish to Your Home

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Image: (1) A Beautiful Mess

I remember seeing my great grandmother’s lace stacked in the linen cupboard. It sat there for ages without being used. Had I seen all the cool lace projects out right now, I might have considered putting them to use! There are so many beautiful ways to adorn your house with lace in a modern and refreshing way. Here are some of my favorite uses.

  1. Lace table lamp. This lace table lamp is a bit modern and vintage all rolled into one. It’s such a beautiful DIY project, one that you’ll be so proud of when you see it on display!

8 Lace Projects to Add Flourish to Your Home

Images: (2) Babble,  (3) Better Homes and Gardens,  (4) Under the Sycamore, (5) Apartment Therapy

  1. Lace/doily tablecloth. I love this doily tablecloth. The doilies frame the linen tablecloth adding just the right amount of texture to the cloth, while still showing them off wonderfully.
  2. Doily stencil. This is such a clever way to use doilies and lace. Try painting the negative space of the doily or lace onto a prominent piece of furniture like a table or chair.
  3. Lace runner. Instead of covering the whole table, try just a doily runner. Stitch them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle piece.
  4. Lace speaker. How clever is this use of lace? To feminize a traditionally heavy and masculine piece of furniture, add some lace onto the front of the speaker. It’s just the right amount of flourish!

8 Lace Projects to Add Flourish to Your Home

Images: (6) Martha Stewart,  (7) Country Living,  (8) Lushome

  1. Doily votives. Dainty doilies are turned into beautiful votives. Check out the full tutorial to makes some for yourself.
  2. Lace lampshade. This lace pendant lamp is the perfect way to show off your beautiful lace collection, while the negative space of the lace creates cool shadows.
  3. Lace globe. Here’s another lace tutorial globe lamp that’s done with a paper mache technique. So clever!

Do you love the lace look?

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