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Founded in 2010, Alexander Butler | Design Services, LLC is a full-service design firm based in New York City focused on tailoring the design to client and context while collaborating with everyone involved on the project.

Imagine the quintessential New York City dream apartment and you have just envisioned Alexander Butler’s design in this jaw-dropping 67th Street residence. This space is modern in both design and technology – from the Pure White kitchen island overlooking the skyline of New York City to the Pure White ‘Pop-up’ TV island.

We could go on for days about that view! The kitchen and dining areas have front row seats to the best NYC has to offer. As a bonus, Raven lines the perimeter, acting as both kitchen counter and credenza top.

Did we mention the view?

Every New Yorker dreams of a spa bathroom like this – not to mention the square footage! A separate shower and bath are the stuff of myth in NYC, a unicorn walking the streets of Manhattan. Opposite the bath, Caesarstone Pure White counters keep the modern, dreamy theme.

Consistency is key! Keeping with design elements from the kitchen, Alexander Butler extends Caesarstone Raven into the bedroom counters and bookcase. The entire luxury apartment is customized with consistent woods and Caesarstone throughout – take note my dear readers, the more Caesarstone, the better.

In another remarkable space designed by Alexander Butler, featuring beautiful view #2, Pure White waterfalls down the island, mitred for a thicker slab appearance to match the rear counters.

Pure White extends from the countertop, up the rear wall as a backsplash in this modern black and white kitchen space. Even the artwork reflects the B&W design (Beautiful & Welcome).

A bibliophile’s treasure, this backlit shelving unit and desk, both made from Frosty Carrina, make for an extensive, customized work surface and home for thousands of the client’s books.

Even when the sun has set, that view still takes our breath away.

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