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Living in New York can be quite expensive, especially when you’re starting a new business. This is what led Gloria and her husband to purchase a cozy co-op in Queens. Gloria, a materials scientist, and her husband, the owner of a budding hot sauce company, wanted a comfortable space that the whole family could enjoy - including their cat. The other main requirement? Tons of storage. “Eventually, we bought a two bedroom for a reasonable price that hadn’t been updated since it was built in the ‘50s, which meant we would have to nearly gut the entire place,” says Gloria. Finding a contractor proved difficult at first, but the couple was soon put at ease after they posted their project to Sweeten. Once they found the right contractor, it was off to the races.

6141 Ocean Foam

“Garden-style co-ops tend to be small so we picked light colors to make the rooms feel spacious and bright,” says Gloria. This is reflected in the nearly all-white kitchen, which gives a clean and elegant vibe. A few gold accents create interest and add a dynamic touch to this chic space. A Caesarstone countertop in Ocean Foam adds a subtle amount of visual texture without detracting from the sleek aesthetic of the overall kitchen.

The couple wanted their kitchen to have plenty of storage, so they opted for cabinets that stretch from floor to ceiling. And for those nights when the couple wants some microwave popcorn, they can open up into their new full-sized pantry, where the microwave is craftily hidden. They opted for a single drawer dishwasher so that they could use the extra drawer under the dishwasher for - you guessed it - more storage!

A similar color palette was used for the bathroom, which was also upgraded with plenty of room for storage. They replaced the sliding glass door with a bathtub and shower curtain to allow for easy cleaning. The herringbone pattern used on the floor tiles gives the room warmth and dimension. The real unsung hero of this room, however, is the mirrored medicine cabinet. It “hides a lot of our toiletries and is deceptively large; we had most of it buried into the wall so it would not stick out too far,” says Gloria.

With plenty of storage and a successful renovation under their belts, the couple can happily say that they’ve transformed their house into a home.



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