Back in Brocade: The New Fall Trend For Home and Fashion

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Images: 1) Anthropologie, 2) Anthropologie

I suppose we could have seen this coming. It’s fall, and with the arrival of cooler weather comes the desire for richer, more lush fabrics for both ourselves and our homes. That desire, combined with the trend toward more ornate patterns and embellishments, results in an explosion of brocade, a heavy fabric with a raised pattern.

Brocade in Fashion

Brocade Fashion
Images: 1) Anthropologie, 2) Anthropologie

If you believe more is more, you’re probably going to be a big fan of brocade for clothes. The fabric instantly dresses up any outfit, like the pants above or below that would otherwise be a fairly casual cut.

Brocade Fabric Outfits
Image: Matthew Aperrone

It’s easy enough to add a kicky new pair of pants to your wardrobe, right? But if you love the opulent look of brocade, how do you translate the trend and bring it into your home?

Brocade for Home

Brocade Fabric Home Decor
Images: 1) Anthropologie, 2) Madeline Weinrib, 3) Horchow

Pillows and curtains are the logical place to start. Look around though, and you can find it in bedding, upholstery, or even towels (as seen above). You can always do a modern take on brocade as well, as seen on the more streamlined geometric designs below.

Brocade Fabric Pillows
Image: West Elm

Would you be more comfortable bringing brocade into your home, your wardrobe, or both?

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