From Runway to Room: Tie-Dye

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Tie-dye is back and it’s no longer for hippies!

The tie did not die! It’s back and better than ever. No longer playing center stage on Haight/Ashbury, tie-dye is piggy backing on the success of its sister, ombré, which has enjoyed it’s time in the spotlight for the past few years and it is sophisticated and elegant. Who knew?! The difference between ombré and tie-dye can be a bit blurred as techniques have merged a bit. Whereas the ombré technique gradates in color from dark values to light values, tie-dye is one or many colors dyed all over and often tied up with string before dying to create patterns. I’ve been spotting it in everything from pillows to passport holders.

Tie Dye Accessories for Home
Image: Furbish Studio

Tie-dye for the home

I love seeing the tie-dye technique applied to home accessories like pillows and blankets. It can be done so elegantly and made to look luxurious and decadent even. Some of the best home decorating stores are carrying them right now like ABC Home & Carpet in NYC and Nieman Marcus. But don’t fret, you can also spot some at a better price point with some Etsy sellers.

The technique is also being applied to create a fun look as seen in these accessories in home and fashion, like the handbag and passport covers and luggage tags. The success of the technique comes with its monochromatic palette.

Tie Dye Pillows
Image: ABC Home , Etsy

Tie-dye in fashion

Don’t get me wrong, there is still some acid- evoking tie-dye out there, but then there are other fashion houses that are doing it just right like these two versions in a skirt by Pynk Nylon and blouse by Rabens Saloner who, like the home accessories, have toned down the palette and kept it to two colors.

Tie Dye Fashion
Image: Raben Saloner

Tie-dye can still maintain it’s fresh look though with a fun color palette like this blouse in complementary blues and oranges. It works in this context with solid patterns and neutral accessories.

Tie Dye Blue and Orange
Image: The Local

So, are you jumping back on the tie-dye bandwagon? Or keeping it as a memory?

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