Here’s to Felix from “Orphan Black”: Terrific Drink Trolleys

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Image: Home Town Decor

Are you watching the amazing, jaw-dropping, ever-twisting show “Orphan Black”? If you live somewhere where it’s being broadcasted, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The story and performances are terrific. I was hooked within the first three minutes of the first episode and have never looked back. One of the characters is named Felix, and he’s often inappropriate, like when he asked pre-teen characters on the show, “Does your Daddy have a drinks trolley?”. I’ve been so inspired by the show, that I thought it’d be a good idea to have a look at a few drinks trolleys you can incorporate into your home.

The Airliner (and My Favorite)

Here’s to Felix from “Orphan Black”: Terrific Drink Trolleys

Image: Food Republic

Bar carts, drink carts, drink trolleys – no matter what they’re called they tend to conjure up a mental image of the classic cart found on board commercial airliners. The example shown above is based on this stalwart of beverage service and would look great in any contemporary interior design.

The Upscale Bronze

Here’s to Felix from “Orphan Black”: Terrific Drink Trolleys

For a less whimsical, more elegant choice, this bronze cart has all the class and style needed for any design. Whether it’s part of your overall upscale interior, or it’s the nicest thing in the room, you can’t go wrong.

The Minimal Type

Here’s to Felix from “Orphan Black”: Terrific Drink Trolleys

Image: Design & Hem

With its’ minimal design and Scandinavian-leaning look, this simple glass and steel model would be a great addition to any Spartan décor scheme.

The Repurposed Library Cart

Here’s to Felix from “Orphan Black”: Terrific Drink Trolleys

Image: Desire to Inspire

When I see a vintage cart like this one – overflowing with character and a sense of history – I can’t help but envision it used as a drinks trolley. I think it might be the pride and joy of anyone who wants to serve their guests in style.

Is a drinks trolley something you roll out for cocktail hour at your house?

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