13 Beautiful Screens for Your Home

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Image: (1) Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Room divider screens can be a beautiful addition to a room. They provide both a practical and aesthetic function. Practically speaking, they can function as a room divider, thus separating a space with a moveable wall. They can hide messes or act as an impromptu changing area. Aesthetically, they can add visual interest with how they are designed and decorated. Here are some clever ways to divide and decorate a space with screens.

  1. This antique mirror screen adds a lovely patina to an otherwise new space.

13 Beautiful Screens for Your Home

Images: (2) Elle Decor,  (3) Erin Williamson,  (4) Kotivinkki, (5) Architonic

  1. This tribal feeling screen fits in wonderfully with the rest of the more safari-themed room. It blends well with the décor while also separating the two spaces.
  2. This pattern-covered room divider screen also acts as an art piece, providing a focal point for the room as well as separating the space.
  3. This white lattice screen fills in the gap of a blank wall and adds an object at a nice height to break up the tall ceiling.
  4. This more architectural screen is a visual rest to the eye. It’s not a clunky divider, but a soft yet geometric décor addition.

13 Beautiful Screens for Your Home

Images: (6) Design Sponge,  (7) The Ace of Space,  (8) Beckwith Interiors, (9) Cooledeko

  1. You can take any color screen and paint it white for a refreshing, beach feel.
  2. This screen made from branches is a lovely way to tie in nature.
  3. This metallic screen adds a lovely shiny element to the office space.
  4. This screen divider is made from tree trunks and adds a woodsy feel to the room.

13 Beautiful Screens for Your Home

Images: (10) Deisgn Sponge,  (11) House Beautiful

  1. I love how this screen adds architectural interest to the room and perfectly fits the mid-century modern feel of the space.
  2. Try upholstering a screen to fit the rest of the décor. It ties the space together perfectly.

13 Beautiful Screens for Your Home

Images: (12) Sarah Sarna,  (13) Decor8

  1. The boho-inspired wooden screen below received a makeover with a beautiful cherry blossom design and some paint.
  2. This boho inspired wooden screen received a makeover with a beautiful cherry blossom design and some paint.

How would you use a room divider screen in your space?

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