6 Cribs for a Sophisticated Bedroom

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Once kids come along, it’s easy for your whole house to get turned into a playpen. The one place that should really stay your own is your bedroom. Even when your baby is just a newborn and is sleeping in your room, you can still keep the place your own. Here are six ways to keep your room looking sophisticated with your newborn.

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The art above the crib doesn’t have to be an elephant or the ABC’s. A colorful, modern piece of art on the wall will keep the room feeling like your own.

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If bold and modern is your thing, don’t be afraid to keep that style alive even with a crib.

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A super simple way to incorporate a crib is to just set it at the end of the bed. It’s not intrusive and is very practical.

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If your room is already on the small side, be on the lookout for a thinner crib. It’s easier to manage and will fit great in any corner.

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Consider installing a hammock style bed. It’s interesting to look at and a comfy place for baby to sleep.

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You can even think of the crib as a statement piece. Find one that you think is just lovely and will stand out and you will not be disappointed.

Don’t be afraid to keep your baby’s crib in your personal style. Once they are older and living in their own room, you can personalize it to fit them. Until then, keep your room matching you.

How will you decorate your room once your newborn baby arrives?

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