Morning Brew: Stylish Ideas for Your Coffee Prep Area

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Image: Sarah Rhodes on A Beautiful Mess

If you’re like me, you don’t start your day until after you’ve had at least one cup of coffee. It’s a key component of my daily morning ritual: brewing, preparing, and enjoying some delicious caffeine. If that’s your way of life as well, why not do it in style? I’ve gathered a few ideas for setting up a coffee prep area that will help get the day started right.

Go Mobile

Morning Brew: Stylish Ideas for Your Coffee Prep Area

Image: Up to Date Interiors

I’m always attracted to a smart décor idea that has industrial leanings, so this rolling metal kitchen cart is right up my alley. Leave it in its normal location with a bit of art hung nearby to help anchor it, or push it wherever you need your coffee for the day. As long as you have all the needed elements – coffee makers, French presses, beans, grinders, cups, and condiments – you are good to go.

Go Minimal

Morning Brew: Stylish Ideas for Your Coffee Prep Area


Love the idea of a coffee cart but don’t have much space? Finding a solution like this one, which uses a repurposed airline drinks trolley, my be the answer for you. With enough room on top for your coffee maker, and plenty of room inside for other essentials, the small footprint allows you all the benefits of a stylish morning brew station without losing too much space.

Go Vertical

Image: West Coast Mama

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space in your kitchen to create a dedicated area for coffee making, but still need to conserve precious counter space, this solution moves the accessories onto shelves above your work area.

Go Graphic

Morning Brew: Stylish Ideas for Your Coffee Prep Area

There’s so much to like about this fun black, white, and orange coffee prep area. From the graphic impact to the smart organization, it’s a favorite of mine.

What ideas do you have for making your morning brew more stylish?

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