Come Fly With Me: Using Airport Seating at Home

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Image & Design: Andy on Apartment Therapy

When I sat down to write this post—I feel like we’re close enough that I can tell you these things—I wondered what the heck I was thinking when I pitched the idea of a piece about using airport chairs at home. Really? And just where the heck would I find examples of using airport chairs at home? Seriously. But, as you’ll see, I was quickly reminded of my inspiration that led to the suggestion. Why, y’all? Design icons created some of these, and that’s why they not only continue to be used in airports today but why they also can make great pieces for use at home.

The Inspiration

There it is, the first image in this article, which you can see above. Taken by someone who only identified himself as “Andy” when he submitted photographs of his Chicago loft to Apartment Therapy, this image showed up on scads of blogs and has been repinned on Pinterest scores of times. And it’s the reason I wanted to write about using airport seating at home. That pair of vintage airport chairs look great in the collection of industrial elements against Andy’s gallery wall.

The Commercialization

Come Fly With Me: Using Airport Seating at Home

Image: The 1962 Collection

Next, I quickly found a company that is making serious coin from refurbishing and reupholstering the same chairs as Andy shows in his loft. It’s a smart idea—especially since mid-century modern design power couple, Charles and Ray Eames, designed these beauties.

The Variation

Come Fly With Me: Using Airport Seating at Home

Image: Gaëtan Rossier on DPAGES

Along with the snazzy industrial steel design we just saw, called Tandem Seating, Charles and Ray Eames also designed their now famous Plastic Armchair. A version of that design, known as the “Eames Plastic Armchair on stretchers,” can be seen above. Granted, this airplane seating is not in a residential setting, but wouldn’t this look terrific in a minimalist home?

The Imitation

Come Fly With Me: Using Airport Seating at Home

Image & Design: Verdibou on Etsy

And wherever the Eames’ went, imitators were sure to follow. Let’s face it: like many homeowners, airports have to decorate on a budget, so why not get the vinyl covered version? All kidding aside, this trio looks just right for a Palm Springs-inspired décor.

I’m once again inspired to think about using airport seating at home; are you?

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