7 Clever Ways to Color Block Your Home

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Image: Amazing Interior Design 

I love a bright and cheery home! It’s welcoming as a guest and delightful to live in. One of my favorite ways to achieve a colorful home is the color blocking technique where you work with bright patches of color. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but here are some of my favorite ways to do it.

7 Clever Ways to Color Block Your Home

  1. Flodeau. Color block your storage! This is perhaps my favorite way to add color to a home. Create a colorful palette and apply it to the storage of your home. This works especially well with cupboards. Don’t feel like you have to use only a few colors. Try using a number of them!
  2. Lush Home. Color block your walls. Painting your wall is a simple and cheap way to color block your home. You can either paint one wall as an accent, or partially paint it. A partial painted wall feels deliberate and clever.
  3. Lonny. Color blocked tile. Patches of colorful tile is a clever, but slightly more expensive way to achieve the look. It’s something that requires more commitment, but if it’s done it has a powerful look.
  4. Sugar and Charm. Half painted wall. This half painted wall is a great way to add a polished look to your home. The trick to a half painted wall is to not paint it exactly at the half mark. Remember the golden rule and paint it just above the half mark or below, at the 1/3 line.
7 Clever Ways to Color Block Your Home

Another fun way to color block is with a geometric pattern that takes up the full wall. Isn’t this fun? The palette is limited to 4 bright colors.

7 Clever Ways to Color Block Your Home

Image: Dwell 

The statement of this room features the simple color block on the yellow mantle. Everything else is clean with the black and white palette.

(top image) This image is color blocked with the colorful furniture and diamond wall decals in pops of fluorescent.


Have you tried color blocking your home? What color would you do? 


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  1. Agree, I love the idea of color blocking your home. Or adding color in any way! It brings so much joy to a room and warms up the soul. I love the color block tiles and also the geometric pattern on the wall, it’s so captivating!

    Another great way to add color to a home is through a bright rug! I think you would enjoy FeltBallRug.com’s different designs as they have some beautiful and bright pre-designed rugs our you can custom design your own rug, perhaps even using one of the ideas you listed above as inspiration!

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