8 Dining Tables for Every Style

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Images: (1) Castles Crowns and Cottages; (2) Pure Inspiration; (3) Architectural Digest; (4) Desire to Inspire

The dining table can serve many roles in a space. It can welcome guests to a cozy meal or act as a bold statement as a part of the room’s decor. The right table can aid guests in conversation or capture the right moment. The wrong table can spread your guests too thin, be too cramped, or not match the space. That’s a lot to think about when choosing a table for your space! Here are some of my favorite dining tables and why they work for each specific location.

  1. This outdoor dining table is the perfect blend of rustic, country, and functional. As an outdoor table it must be able to withstand the elements, and this wood and iron crossed table does just that. The theme of the house is Mediterranean and plays well with the simplicity of the style.
  2. Mid-century rectangular table. This mid-century table is perfect for dinner parties. It’s the center of the room and is framed by the trees at the end. The style plays well with the other mid-century modern pieces.
  3. If you’re into creating conversation or like to entertain by playing board games, round tables are what you’re looking for. They are great for seeing everyone at once and allowing a small group to become even more intimate. This particular style has brass legs with a glass top and adds a bit of drama to the black and white space.
  4. Simple and functional. This circular wooden table gets the job done with Scandinavian simplicity. A round table is a great choice when filling a corner of a room.

8 Dining Tables for Every Style on the Interior CollectiveImages: (5) Architectural Digest; (6) Freshome; (7) Europaconcorsi; (8) Vintagehome

  1. If you don’t love your table, cover it up with a beautiful tablecloth or piece of fabric. Patterns are a lovely way to bring in texture and color into a space.
  2. Rustic. This simple boarded table is a great choice for a farmhouse or a home out in the country. Pair it with more subdued colors to achieve the look.
  3. This unique dining table is set out in the wild and perfectly frames the impressive landscape. It includes built-in seats so no need to transport chairs. Handwash only!
  4. All wood. This vintage look is a classic choice for a more eclectic vibe. Wood tends to go with most styles and is suited for people who entertain frequently because of the amount of room it provides.

What’s your favorite choice of dining room tables?

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