Bathroom Fireplaces

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Image: Better Homes and Gardens

I used to dismiss things like having a fireplace in the bathroom as needless and frivolous—and then I lived for a year in a 100-year-old house with no central heating. Even here in the south, that was a tough winter. In addition, the only bathroom in the house had only a wonderful old cast iron footed tub—no shower—and on those cold mornings it was not fun bathing. I could have really used a fireplace in that bathroom. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed seeing how people incorporate fireplaces into bathrooms.

One of the most prevalent instances of bathroom fireplaces in contemporary homes is when they are used in walls shared with bedrooms, like you see above. It’s a very appealing look, and one I think makes a lot of practical sense, as well. My only thought: be sure you have a WC in that bathroom!

Bathroom Fireplaces

Image & Design: Jonathan King

This renovated Victorian already had a fireplace in the bathroom, and what the owner did with it is terrific. There’s a gorgeous marriage of traditional and contemporary in this space.

Bathroom Fireplaces

Image: Jebiga

If minimalism is your style, take a look at this bathroom fireplace option. It’s a simple square partnered with a floor to ceiling log stack. This is just the right look for this space.

Bathroom Fireplaces

Image: Laure Joliet for RemodelistaDesign: Leigh Herzig

And here’s another pass-through fireplace, but this one is placed to allow for more privacy on the bathroom side of the fireplace. I heartily approve.

What do you think about bathroom fireplaces?


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