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Design: Takaaki Kawabata and Christina Kawabata; Image: Mikiko Kikuyama for Remodelista

I have a new obsession, which means you get to learn all about it. Lucky you. No, really—I mean, lucky both of us actually. I get to learn about stuff and then write about it so you can decide if it’s of use to you. I’m sure this will be interesting and useful because who doesn’t need to partition off a space from time to time? And who couldn’t use a few new ideas about attractive ways to do that?

String Section

It’s this image above that got me started on my quest. This large, open plain space was renovated on a tight budget – I can relate – and the designer owners decided to use partitions to create multi-use rooms. These simple steel frames have been strung with white nylon; a smart solution that allows an area to be used as a playroom during the day and as a bedroom at night.

Light It Up 


Design & Image: Areti 

Looking for a more glamorous partition idea? How about this screen using simple globe lights—it would make a great divider between dining and living spaces in a big open room, creating more intimacy for a special occasion.

Mid-Century Marvel


Design: Eugenio Escudero; Image: 1stdibs 

If you’re still decorating your place to look like Don and Megan’s from “Mad Men” – or even similar Mike and Carol’s from “The Brady Bunch,” then take a look at this mid-century marvel. Groovy shapes in overlapping wooden screens are where it’s at.

Spin A Web


Design: Matteograssi; Image: Archiproducts 

And this divider made of leather webbing would be at home in both a contemporary space and a sports bar. Maybe in the man cave in your own home to discreetly and stylishly partition off the laundry room from the rest of your special space.

How do you partition your space?

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