Unusual Bathroom Mirrors

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Design: John Pawson; Image: Åke E:son Lindman

When it comes to finding ways to improve our homes or make the interior design of a space feel like it’s unique to you, most of us tend to think of the same kinds of changes or improvements. Things like a new coat of paint or a kitchen remodel always seem to be at the top of the list, but sometimes it’s the little details that we often take for granted that, when changed, make the biggest difference. Rethinking your bathroom mirror, for example, can have a major impact without a ton of effort.


As the first image demonstrates, there’s plenty of wow from using a simple mirror in an unusual way. This designer places three tall, plain mirrors into a shallow inset and adds tube lighting on either side of each one. Don’t worry if you don’t have an inset or room for three mirrors—one backlit mirror can add a lot of interest in your space.

Mix it Up

Unusual Bathroom Mirrors

Image: Danielle de Lange

Try playing with scale to give new life to your bathroom space. Yes, that’s a very small mirror above the sink—too small for most of us—but it’s got great visual appeal and makes you think twice. Luckily, this designer thought to put a much larger mirror over the tub, which is both practical and creative.

Float Your Boat

Unusual Bathroom Mirrors

Design: Vanessa Alexander; Image: Lisa Romerein 

In this bathroom, having mirrors above the sinks when the wall is essentially one big window forced some creative thinking that led to two mirrors suspended on poles. But there’s no reason you couldn’t do this in a bathroom that has standard solid walls as well and provide some wow factor this way.

Face It

Unusual Bathroom Mirrors

Design: William Tozer; Image: Matthew Williams on Dwell 

Solving storage issues in the bathroom while also creating a full wall of mirrors is such a good idea that I wish it would become the new standard. This designer filled the entire wall with shallow cabinets all faced with mirrors. Unusual and eye-catching all at once; that’s my kind of smart design!

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